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A Little Background

On 20 August 1991 Langeberg Athletics Club was founded as the Langeberg Harlequins Club. We had 41 founding members and our activities included running, as well as cycling. Originally the Club members represented Swellendam and Barrydale, along with Heidelberg, and each town had a representative on the Managing Board. The membership fee was a mere R25 back then!

The first race that athletes of Langeberg Athletics Club participated in, as a matter of fact, was the Voet van Afrika in 1991.

By the following year, our membership has increased to 77 athletes. Moreover, during the same year the Swellendam Half Marathon was held under the Banner of the Langeberg Athletic Club with 245 athletes running. Also in 1992 the Tradouw Pass Half Marathon was held with 189 participating athletes.

Riversdale and Still Bay also became part of the Club in 1993. Furthermore, in 1998 the Club proudly received its official Club colours, the easily recognisable deep maroon and white.

Our flagship event of the year, of course, is the annual Vlakte Marathon from Heidelberg to Witsand/Port Beaufort. The first Vlakte Marathon was run in back in 2001, and today it is one of the last Comrades qualifiers of the year.

Although still a relatively small country Club, we are truly proud to mention that already more than 20 athletes have completed the Comrades Marathon wearing the Langeberg Club colours.

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How the Club Functions

  • As road running/trail running Club, we represent Swellendam, Heidelberg, Riversdale, Stilbaai and Albertinia athletes in the SWD region. There are Club representatives in Swellendam, Albertinia as well as Stilbaai. (See the Club Profile)
  • Langeberg AC is very unique in the sense that we have no Clubhouse at all. We function solely through good friendships and mutual trust between the different towns.
  • Athletes of the Langeberg Club participate in various distance running events every year. For example the Comrades, Two Oceans, Meiringspoort, Cango, Voet van Afrika, and several other races.
  • Since its initiation in 2001, the Langeberg Athletics Club presents the Vlakte Marathon from Heidelberg to Witsand every year.
  • Each town has its own WhatsApp jogging group for sharing arrangements around training in the week an on weekends. Group running encourages as well as protects runners.
  • Once a year we have a General Annual Meeting where we also acknowledge the achievements of athletes and hand out prizes. Of course we always share the races and results of our athletes on social media platforms and the local Forum newspapers.

South Western Districts

Traditionally our Club consists of the following towns: Swellendam, Heidelberg, Riversdale, Stilbaai & Albertinia

However, persons outside of these areas are also welcome to join our Club, as has occasionally happened before.

We manage the Club according to the rules of Athletics South Africa (ASA), along with those of Athletics South Western Districts (ASWD). We are a sporting organisation without any political or social agendas.

CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa)

As Club, we value the work CANSA is doing regarding cancer research, education as well as support. Consequently we plough back into the community by contributing a portion of the proceeds from the Vlakte Marathon to CANSA every year.


Around Membership

Langeberg Athletics Club invites every person, no matter age or fitness level, who finds joy in running (or wants to try it out!) to join our Club family. We run for the blissful satisfaction of running, so every member of the family can become involved.

Our membership fees are really low. Unfortunately we do not offer family membership packages, but per person only.

Join us and become part of an incredible group of caring and supporting road running athletes. Who knows, with their encouragement, by next year you might be ready for the Comrades!

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